California Lakes - Colorado River
Colorado River

Recreation Lakes
 of California

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The completely new 16th Edition of RECREATION LAKES OF CALIFORNIA provides detailed maps and current information on over 460 Lakes. Choose your interest, there is a Lake
in California worth
a visit.


Bestsellers for the last 30 years!

Take an exciting float trip down the Colorado River, or spend hours leisurely drifting across a beautiful California Lake. Find the best campgrounds and boat docks. Know where the good hiking trails begin. Make your outdoor recreation time something special and stress-free!

RVers - Campers - Boaters - Fishermen - Hikers

You can do it all with our convenient and comprehensive outdoor recreation guides - Recreation Lakes of California, and Colorado River Recreation. They are perfect for all forms of outdoor recreation - fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and more. Our guides are also top-bound, so they lie flat in the car, RV, or boat. Don't start your family vacation in California, Colorado, Arizona, or Utah without one! Visit our detailed pages to get more information about Recreation Lakes of California, and Colorado River Recreation.

Diane Dirksen, long time resident of Santa Cruz County, has written and published guidebooks on outdoor recreation for the past 35 years. Diane and her family have been involved in this successful venture with the bestseller Recreation Lakes of California, now in the 16th Edition, having sold over a million copies.

Her new book, a novel,
The Chronicles of Infatuated Women,
is a delightful change of pace for this prolific author.

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Colorado River

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Everything you need to know about this spectacular area! Complete information and detailed maps of every outdoor recreation site. The ideal guide for the RVer, camper, fisherman, boater, whitewater rafter, hiker
and outdoor


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